Sneakers specification:

 Our printed sneakers are the perfect choice for
those who want a stylish and sustainable shoe. Made with high-quality vegan
leather, PU-coated fabric and TPR soles, these sneakers are both durable and

Vegan leather is a sustainable and ethical
alternative to traditional leather. It is made from plant-based materials, such
as cactus or pineapple, and does not require the use of animal products. Vegan
leather is also often more durable than traditional leather, making it a great
choice for sneakers.

PU coating is polyurethane coating. They preserve the Earth's natural resources
by reducing the need for energy. Another reason polyurethane is environmentally
friendly is because it can be recycled and used again. After coating,the fabric
feels plump, elastic,and has a film feel on the surface. PU coated fabrics are
mainly used in outdoor clothing and military industries, and are characterized
by moisture permeability, wind resistance, and softness.

TPR (thermoplastic rubber) is a high-quality,
durable rubber that is perfect for sneaker soles. It is lighter in weight than
PVC rubber and has more elasticity, making it more comfortable to walk in. TPR
soles are also more weather-resistant than PVC soles, so you can wear your
sneakers in any type of weather.

 The EVA (Ethyl vinyl acetate) extra comfort insole
provides superior cushioning and support, making your sneakers even more
comfortable to wear. EVA insole is used to the greatest running and walking

 Other details:

Durable and comfortable

Made with sustainable and ethical

Lighter in weight and more
elastic than PVC rubber


Supportive and cushioned insole